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About M○C△

At its core, the Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) challenges, creates conflict, provokes. M○C△ is a testament to those who dared to believe in a better future that prioritized sovereignty, market access, and freedom of expression in the arts. Crypto art is a visual aesthetic that communicates these ideals. Those who rise to the challenge of creating crypto art are evangelists for a new socio-economic paradigm. M○C△ takes collective actions to form a revolution.

The Museum has developed the infrastructure to align interests and safeguard the communal story of crypto art.  At the heart of this is the public good and its stewardship. Introducing $MOCA incentivizes collaboration and allows people to add to and responsibly govern a community collection. In tying relationships, investments, and interests together, we will create resilience and multiple access points for all members. $MOCA reinvents Museums for a new era.

As the first cultural institution of crypto art, M○C△ will become the premier space for discourse around digital art, crypto culture, frontier technology, and the NFT revolution. It will be an experimental playground for reawakening imagination.  It will be free-form, refuse stasis, and seek inspiration and leadership from an inclusive and global community.

The Vision

We have four objectives:

(i) Ensure foundational moments and artifacts are presented truthfully for a decentralized community

(ii) Engage with digital art that represents web 3.0 culture and values

(iii) Incubate artistic expression between artists, technology, and the blockchain

(iv) Invite other collectors and crypto institutions to contribute to and experiment with M○C△

The Museum will evolve in six initial phases:










Phase 1: Genesis Collection

The M○C△ Genesis Collection is the first subset of the Permanent Collection seeded with 160 crypto artworks from 160 artists. The Genesis Collection honors artists who pioneered crypto art and redefined digital ownership. 

Other collectors are invited to contribute artworks to the Genesis Collection in exchange for $MOCA. Works are vetted by a 7-person Artist Council and a 7-person Collector Council.  In time, the vetting process will be turned over to the DAO.     

In order to remain objective with exchanges, we have contracted to produce  valuation reports.  Contributors to the Genesis Collection will have their $MOCA tokens vested over a three year period. 

Phase 2: Permanent Collection

The Permanent Collection will be open to submissions from all artists and collectors. Exchanging art for $MOCA provides artists and collectors liquidity, as well as a voice in the trajectory of M○C△.

Initially, while the Artist and Collector Councils determine acceptance into the Permanent Collection, M○C△ will decentralize this process  as technology improves.

Phase 3: Exhibitions

For 2021, we are planning a series of art exhibitions throughout the Metaverse. These installations will live across digital worlds. The designs will not be limited by physical realities or conventional gallery aesthetics. The exhibitions will focus on specific themes, stories, and cross-cutting narratives while seeking to define crypto art and provoking discourse within the community. 

Phase 4: Museum Wings 

Museum Wings are bespoke offerings available to collectors with significant $MOCA holdings. M○C△ will design spaces honoring influential voices in the crypto art world. Museum Wing owners are offered the resources of the Museum including cooperative curation, exhibition design, and promotion through social channels. 

Phase 5: Community Galleries

M○C△ Community Galleries are tailored platforms that will create visual narratives for blockchain companies.  These curated crypto art showcases will develop brand recognition, increase clout, and ensure prominence in an emerging web 3.0 landscape.

Community Galleries will be auctioned off periodically. Interested parties will bid using $MOCA tokens. The M○C△ team will work with winning bidders to design and build event spaces.  The Museum will offer live streamed events and develop innovative artistic engagement within Community Galleries. 

Phase 6: M○C△ Experiences and Curation Platform

M○C△ Members will have an opportunity to curate the Permanent Collection around themes of their choosing.  This will allow for deeper engagement in our leading community collection by encouraging exploration and individual creativity.  Through a unique curation, an individual will get to design experiences that reflect their values and ideas. M○C△ Experiences will empower members to share their novel, interactive, and artistic expressions.