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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I own $MOCA?

Information will be on the staking page

I’m new to M○C△. How do I start?

I’m an artist and want to work with M○C△. What do I need to do?

M○C△ aims to bring financial empowerment and freedom of choice to artists. Digital artists expand our notions of what is possible within the crypto community and beyond and should be the sole beneficiaries of their work.

Your first steps should be to join the M○C△ discord and become a verified “Crypto Artist” to start working with us! Contact us with any questions or ideas you may have.

I’m a project and want to sponsor an exhibition. How do I start?

Exhibitions can be sponsored in a number of ways. Contact any team member for more information on how to sponsor an exhibition.

Where can I see a list of artworks that are contained in the museum?

See the permanent collection on:

I want to donate art. What do I need to do?

Art donations are exchanged with $MOCA in order to provide governance to donors. Contact any team member via Twitter or Instagram for more information on the how to donate art to the Genesis Collection and enter the submission process.

What art will we be curating for future phases?

For future collections we are looking to discover different genres of crypto art led by the community, artist’s council and collector’s council evolving definitions of “crypto art”. This will decide how the permanent collection genres will be curated after the Genesis collection, as there are many more styles and themes to be recognized.

What functionalities does the $MOCA token provide?

At this stage, the token allows owners to like and comment on artworks in the permanent collection. A robust menu of additional functionalities are in the works, so stay tuned.

How do MOCApoints work? How can I obtain POAPS?

MoCA points are calculated based on the quantity held and staked $MOCA. There are other contributing factors which will increase MOCApoints such as completing missions but there will be more circumstances in the future.

The more points you have the higher status you’ll have as member at MoCA. You can view your MOCApoints and your status level on the DAPP. The pictures below show where you can find how many MOCApoints you have earned and also the ranking system.

Currently, the only POAPs we offer are from completing MOCA missions.