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For 2021, we are planning a series of art exhibitions and events throughout the Metaverse. These installations will live across digital worlds. The designs will not be limited by physical realities or conventional gallery aesthetics. The exhibitions will focus on specific themes, stories, and cross-cutting narratives while seeking to define crypto art and provoking discourse within the community.


Elgeko’s online art collection 

In 1989 as one of the first persons on this planet to work live with the audience with computer graphics, Elgeko performed “on line” in Club Mavo in Vienna. In 1991 a refined exhibition format was created: a verissage (private viewing) showing at Kulturhaus Linz, Austria where Elgeko used a tuned Amiga computer with digitizer to capture frames from a video camera. When the vernissage started, there were only empty frames on the walls. Then Elgeko started creating the artworks in front of the audience. With parts of these captured images used as a brush, Elgeko painted 16 pictures live, printed them in A3 format with a thermosublimation printer and put them into the frames. At the end of the vernissage the last picture was framed and put in place.

Artists and/or Collectors meet Elgeko in discord server voice chat to focus on a given theme or as an “open session” to feed him in realtime with pictures, videos, and music. Elgeko has prepared some ideas and is the medium to express spontaneous ideas live with shared screen.

2020/21 sessions were all sessions with an artist as special colaboration guest to create and evaluate art collaborations together.


Moca sculpture garden

M○C△’s Sculpture Garden in Decentraland features a unique collection of 3D objects in a surrealist context. The exhibit highlights Hackatao’s Leonardo Da Vinci-inspired sculpture, employing the same stylistic goals of this work: modernizing genius from the Italian Renaissance in a digital context. The Sculpture Garden plays with texture, light, and color to create anticipation and lead viewers through a gamified artistic experience. M○C△ will exhibit Hackatao’s ‘Hack of a Bear’ created in collaboration with Christie’s from July 11th in Decentraland. Inspired by Renaissance architecture, the Decentraland build consists of a tall hedge maze which will also serve as a sculpture garden for the 9 works listed below. At the center of the maze will lie a lone building which will house Hackatao’s Da Vinci inspired sculpture ‘Hack of a Bear’ created in collaboration with Christie’s.


AMA Events

The MOCA team hosts weekly AMA sessions answering questions the members have about the museum and the functionalities of $MOCA. The AMAs also cover the future of NFTs and new features we have added to the museum. We also feature artists for their own AMA and dive into their art styles/backgrounds.


MOCA Missions Set 1

MoCA Missions are a way for community members to learn about MoCA and earn MoCA Points in the process. To participate in the missions, you must first become a MoCAnaut. You have to own at least one $MOCA and then send !join in the bot commands channel on Discord. The first season lasts 12 weeks and 12 missions. For each completed mission you will get a POAP. Each mission POAP reflects 10 MoCA Points in your account balance.